Aircraft Materials and Analysis


Tariq Siddiqui


Complete coverage of aircraft design, manufacturing, and maintenanceAircraft Materials and Analysis addresses aircraft design, mechanical and structural factors in aviation, flight loads, structural integrity, stresses, properties of materials, compression, bending, and aircraft fatigue. Detailed analysis of the failure process is provided.This authoritative guide examines materials used in aircraft construction such as aluminum, steel, glass, composite, rubber, and carbon fiber. Maintenance procedures for corrosion and aging aircraft are discussed and methods of inspection such as nondestructive testing and nondestructive inspection are described. Accident investigation case studies review aircraft design, material behavior, NTSB findings, safety, stress factors, and human factor involvement. End-of-chapter questions reinforce the topics covered in this practical resource.Aircraft Materials and Analysis covers:The aircraft–standards for design, structural integrity, and system safetyAircraft materialsLoads on the aircraftStress analysisTorsion, compression, and bending loadsAircraft riveted joints and pressure vesselsHeat treatments of metalsAircraft fatigue/aircraft material fatigueAircraft corrosionDynamic stress, temperature stress, and experimental methodsCompositesNondestructive Testing (NDT)Aviation maintenance managementCase studies and human factors

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