Behind the Mask: Enter a World Where Women Make – and Break – the Rules


Emma Sayle


A true story of sex, seduction and the pursuit of pleasure.Welcome to a world where women make – and break – the rules. An underground club notorious for parties wilder than 50 Shades of Grey; a place where, behind elegant masks, your innermost desires can be unleashed…Emma Sayle is an ordinary girl: raised in a stable home, she had a happy childhood and has a steady boyfriend. She runs a business organising parties. But Emma has a naughty secret.These are no ordinary parties.Decadent, hedonistic and held at secret locations, these parties offer a world of desire and indulgence, focused on female pleasure. These are places where anything can happen. Keeping herself strictly out of the heat of the action, Emma is thrilled to see every night grow wilder, more extravagant and more popular. Risking her reputation to run such a business certainly paid off.But things are about to change – and the consequences could be catastrophic.Emma has learned that her boyfriend is cheating. With a club member. Her world has begun to unravel…Soon the parties – and Emma’s life – are in serious danger of spiralling out of control. In this whirlwind of passion and uninhibited desire, can there ever be any hope of finding Mr Right?

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