India China : Neighbours Strangers

Author Ira Pande Description The relationship between India and China is increasingly important as the balance of power shifts from the West to the East. It will have a significant impact on Asia, as well as the global political and economic climate. However, it is a relationship that is rife with uncertainties and mistrust. It’s […]

A Profile of Tikhak Tangsa Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

Author Chimoy Simai Description The Tangsa people are one of the major tribes in Arunachal Pradesh. There are more than 17 sub-tribes in the Tangsa tribe. The Tikhak is a member of one of its sub-groups. The Tikhaks are residents of Changlang province, Arunachal Pradesh. The Tikhak are thought to have arrived in Assam, India, […]

War of Civilisations : The Long Revolution (India AD 1857), 2 Vols.

Author Amaresh Misra Description This is the first of two-volume work, which tells the story of how a huge, long-standing conflict between the East and West was resolved. The world still bears the scars and victory monuments of India’s war against Western civilization that erupted in AD 1857 and continued for over ten years. More […]

Sanskrit Inscriptions of Tamilnadu : A Literary Study

Author Charu Madhavan Description This book focuses on the Sanskrit epigraphs of Tamil Nadu from the Pallava, Pandya, and Chola dynasties (c. 1310 A.D. to c. 1713) for their literary beauty. It offers a fascinating and comprehensive analysis of the numerous meters, similes, rhetoric, and oetical style employed by the authors of these inscriptions. The […]

Ajanta Handbook of the Paintings (3 Vols.)

Author Dieter Schlingloff Description One of the world’s most renowned experts on Ajanta is Prof. Dieter Schlingloff, who has studied the subject extensively. He has spent many years studying the themes of the Ajanta paintings in great depth, a prelude to future study. His forty-year quest for knowledge about the works of Ajanta has resulted […]

Landmarks in American Literature : History in the Making

Author Jaidka, Manju & Raina, Anil (Eds.) Description This book, published in conjunction with the 2005 Conference of MELUS-India (the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States), gathers research papers from the prior year’s event. It focuses on significant milestones in American culture, including literature, art, popular arts, media, and […]

The Prisons We Broke

Author Maya Pandit (Tr.) Baby Kamble Description Baby Kamble recovers memory in order to restore the Mahar community’s history before it was influenced by Babasaheb Ambedkar, and recounts a subsequent narrative of redemption wrought by a fiery brand of social and self-awareness. Prisons We Broke is a powerful and concise novel that provides a graphic […]

Roots of Insurgency in Northeast India

Author J.B. Bhattacharjee (Ed.) Description The book discusses the challenges of insurgency in Northeast India and how it can benefit both those working on the peace process in the region and people who are attempting to create a better world. The book emphasizes that there is nothing comparable to a north-eastern insurgency and that the […]

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