British Literature 1640-1789 (4th ed.) | An Anthology


Robert DeMaria


Spanning the period from the British Civil War to the French Revolution, the fourth edition of this successful anthology increases its coverage of canonical writings, plays, and of the development of British Literature in the American colonies.A thoroughly updated new edition of this popular anthology which focuses firmly on the eighteenth century without neglecting the seventeenth centuryContains new texts including the play Rover by Aphra Behn, and Beggars’ Opera by John Gay; increased canonical works, including works by Dryden, Pope, and Johnson; and historical contextual materials, with particualr attention to the AmericasFeatures updated introductions throughout, taking into acccount recent critical works and editionsIncludes useful resources such as an alternative list of contents by theme, and a chronolgy of literary and political events, providing valuable historical and cultural context

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