Building Micro-Frontends


Luca Mezzalira


What’s the answer to today’s increasingly complex web applications? Micro-frontends. Inspired by the microservices model, this approach lets you break interfaces into separate features managed by different teams of developers. With this practical guide, Luca Mezzalira shows software architects, tech leads, and software developers how to build and deliver artifacts atomically rather than use a big bang deployment.You’ll learn how micro-frontends enable your team to choose any library or framework. This gives your organization technical flexibility and allows you to hire and retain a broad spectrum of talent. Micro-frontends also support distributed or colocated teams more efficiently. Pick up this book and learn how to get started with this technological breakthrough right away.Explore available frontend development architecturesLearn how microservice principles apply to frontend developmentUnderstand the four pillars for creating a successful micro-frontend architectureExamine the benefits and pitfalls of existing micro-frontend architecturesLearn principles and best practices for creating successful automation strategiesDiscover patterns for integrating micro-frontend architectures using microservices or a monolith API layer

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