Canon EOS 5D Mark III For Dummies


Robert Correll


The ideal reference to Canon’s EOS 5D Mark III for professionals and serious hobbyistsThe Canon EOS 5D Mark III offers professional photographers and advanced amateurs a wide range of top-flight dSLR capabilities. Canon users love For Dummies guides, with more than 100,000 copies of previous Canon camera guides sold. Like its predecessors, this one is packed with colorful examples that illustrate camera features and inspire you to capture your own super images. It explains the camera controls and menus, shows you how to take full advantage of all the features, discusses output options and image editing, and much more.Geared to the needs of professional dSLR photographers and serious hobbyists, this guide covers all the features of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IIIExplores the camera body, menu screen, auto settings, and image settingsShows how to use the video modes, priority settings, manual settings, and focus modes to capture the best imagesProvides suggestions and inspiration with more than 300 full-color photosCovers image editing and output optionsFeatures tips, techniques, and projects to help you get the most from your camera’s capabilitiesCanon EOS 5D Mark III For Dummies is the perfect partner for your new dSLR.

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