Atsuko’s Japanese Kitchen | Home-cooked comfort food made simple

Author Atsuko Ikeda Description “Expertly takes readers into a world of Japanese home cooking far from the austere precision of the sushi counter, or the late-night rush of the ramen-ya. . . .This welcome primer goes a long way toward making Japanese cooking accessible to home cooks curious but perhaps intimidated by the cuisine.” Publishers […]

The Noodle Bowl

Author Louise Pickford Description Discover the vibrant tastes of Asia with over 70 authentic and creative recipes for cooking with noodles.

Warriors, Warlords and Saints | The Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia

Author John Hunt Description Anglo-Saxon Mercia was a great power in its day, although many aspects of it have been shrouded in myth and mystery. However, recent discoveries, such as the Staffordshire Hoard and the Lichfield Angel, have shone a fascinating light into the world of Mercia and the Mercians.In Warriors, Warlords and Saints: The […]

Independent Kashmir | An incomplete aspiration

Author Christopher Snedden Description Many disenchanted Kashmiris continue to demand independence or freedom from India. Written by a leading authority on Kashmir’s troubled past, this book revisits the topic of independence for the region (also known as Jammu and Kashmir, or J&K), and explores exactly why this aspiration has never been fulfilled. In a rare […]

Maori Made Easy 2

Author Scotty Morrison Description Enhance your Maori-language learning with the most reliable – and easiest – resource available.The bestselling Maori Made Easy gave learners an accessible and achievable entry into te reo Maori. It quickly cemented itself as the guide to those new to the language.Scotty Morrison now offers a second instalment to help readers […]

Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture

Author James Paz Description This electronic version has been made available under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) open access license. This book is available as an open access ebook under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture uncovers the voice and agency possessed by nonhuman things across Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture. […]

Wars Without End | New Zealand’s Land Wars – A Maori Perspective

Author Danny Keenan Description From the earliest days of European settlement in New Zealand, Maori have struggled to hold on to their land.Tensions began early, arising from disputed land sales. When open conflict between Maori and Imperial forces broke out in the 1840s and 1860s, the struggles only intensified. For both sides, land was at […]

A Maori Word a Day

Author Hemi Kelly Description A Maori Word a Day offers an easy, instant and motivating entry into the Maori language. Through its 365 Maori words, you will learn the following:- English translations- Word category, notes and background information- Sample sentences, in both te reo Maori and EnglishExploring the most common, modern and colloquial words in […]

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