The Savage Garden, Revised | Cultivating Carnivorous Plants

Author Peter D’Amato Description For fifteen years, The Savage Garden has been the number one bestselling bible for those interested in growing carnivorous plants. This new edition is fully revised to include the latest developments and discoveries in the carnivorous plant world, making it the most accurate and up to date book of its kind.  You may […]

Tapestry Lawns | Freed from Grass and Full of Flowers

Author Lionel Smith Description Swathes of the human world are covered in ornamental grass lawns; they are the single most commonly encountered horticultural feature on the planet. Unfortunately, they are now often viewed as resource-draining green deserts due to the lack of plant and animal diversity, the need for frequent mowing and watering, and addition […]

Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast | A Natural History

Author Carol Gracie Description An acclaimed, beautifully illustrated introduction to spring-blooming wildflowers of the northeastern United States and CanadaThis exquisitely illustrated volume provides an accessible, in-depth introduction to spring-blooming wildflowers of the northeastern United States and Canada. Featuring more than 500 detailed color photos and a large, beautifully designed format, the book delves into the […]

Vegetable Gardening the Colonial Williamsburg Way | 18th-Century Methods for Today’s Organic Gardeners

Author Wesley Greene Description From the nation’s foremost historical preservation site comes a guide to traditional—and still relevant—methods and advice for planting and tending a productive vegetable gardenIn a colonial-style garden, the broccoli is purple and “turkey” cucumbers grow to three feet long; oiled paper predates plastic for sheltering spring plants; and fermenting manure warms the […]

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