Sanskrit Inscriptions of Tamilnadu : A Literary Study

Author Charu Madhavan Description This book focuses on the Sanskrit epigraphs of Tamil Nadu from the Pallava, Pandya, and Chola dynasties (c. 1310 A.D. to c. 1713) for their literary beauty. It offers a fascinating and comprehensive analysis of the numerous meters, similes, rhetoric, and oetical style employed by the authors of these inscriptions. The […]

Landmarks in American Literature : History in the Making

Author Jaidka, Manju & Raina, Anil (Eds.) Description This book, published in conjunction with the 2005 Conference of MELUS-India (the Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States), gathers research papers from the prior year’s event. It focuses on significant milestones in American culture, including literature, art, popular arts, media, and […]

Anthems of Resistance: A Celebration of Progessive Urdu Poetry

Author Mir, Ali Husain & Mir, Raza Description Anthems of Resistance is a book about the iconoclasm-inspired poetry tradition cultivated by Ali Sardar Jafri, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Javed Akhtar, Fehmida Riyaz, and all those who have been a part of the progressive writers’ movement in South Asia. It covers the establishment of the Progressive Writers’ […]

The Homeric Hymns | A Translation, with Introduction and Notes

Author Diane J. Rayor Description The Homeric Hymns have survived for two and a half millennia because of their captivating stories, beautiful language, and religious significance. Well before the advent of writing in Greece, they were performed by traveling bards at religious events, competitions, banquets, and festivals. These thirty-four poems invoking and celebrating the gods […]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (4th ed.)

Author Linda Buckle Description An improved, larger-format edition of the Cambridge School Shakespeare plays, extensively rewritten, expanded and produced in an attractive new design. An active approach to classroom Shakespeare enables students to inhabit Shakespeare’s imaginative world in accessible and creative ways. Students are encouraged to share Shakespeare’s love of language, interest in character and […]

The Letters of Abelard and Heloise

Author Peter Abelard Description The story of Abelard and Heloise remains one of the world’s most celebrated and tragic love affairs. Through their letters, we follow the path of their romance from its reckless and ecstatic beginnings when Heloise became Abelard’s pupil, through the suffering of public scandal and enforced secret marriage, to their eventual […]

Short: An International Anthology of Five Centuries of Short-Short Stories, Prose Poems, Brief Essays, and Other Short Prose Forms

Author Alan Ziegler Description Short offers the tradition and glorious present of these popular forms that stretch and defy genre. From 1500 to present, hundreds of pieces. Inventive, entertaining, and addictive.Short offers the tradition and glorious present of these popular forms that stretch and defy genre. From 1500 to present, hundreds of pieces. Inventive, entertaining, […]

Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction | Work from 1970 to the Present

Author Lex Williford Description From memoir to journalism, personal essays to cultural criticism, this indispensable anthology brings together works from all genres of creative nonfiction, with pieces by fifty contemporary writers including Cheryl Strayed, David Sedaris, Barbara Kingsolver, and more.Selected by five hundred writers, English professors, and creative writing teachers from across the country, this […]

Just Us | An American Conversation

Author Claudia Rankine Description FINALIST FOR THE 2021 ANDREW CARNEGIE MEDAL FOR EXCELLENCE IN NONFICTIONClaudia Rankine’s Citizen changed the conversation—Just Us urges all of us into itAs everyday white supremacy becomes increasingly vocalized with no clear answers at hand, how best might we approach one another? Claudia Rankine, without telling us what to do, urges […]

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