Reporting Humanitarian Disasters in a Social Media Age

Author Glenda Cooper Description From the?tsunami to Hurricane Sandy, the Nepal earthquake to Syrian refugees—defining images and accounts of humanitarian crises are now often created, not by journalists but by ordinary citizens using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. But how has the use of this content—and the way it is spread by social media—altered […]

The Public Relations Writer’s Handbook (2nd ed.) | The Digital Age

Author Merry Aronson Description The second edition of the Public Relations Writer’s Handbook offers a simple, step-by-step approach to creating a wide range of writing, from basic news releases, pitch letters, biographies, and media alerts, to more complex and sophisticated speeches, media campaign proposals, crisis responses, and in-house publications. In addition, the thoroughly expanded and updated […]

Writing to Change the World

Author Mary Pipher Description From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Reviving Ophelia, Another Country, and The Shelter of Each Other comes an inspirational book that shows how words can change the world. Words are the most powerful tools at our disposal. With them, writers have saved lives and taken them, brought justice […]

Introduction to Documentary, Third Edition (3rd ed.)

Author Bill Nichols Description The third edition of Bill Nichols’s best-selling text provides an up-to-date introduction to the most important issues in documentary history and criticism. A new chapter, “I Want to Make a Documentary: Where Do I Start?” guides readers through the steps of planning and preproduction and includes an example of a project […]

Seinfeldia | How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything

Author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong Description The New York Times bestseller about two guys who went out for coffee and dreamed up Seinfeld—“A wildly entertaining must-read not only for Seinfeld fans but for anyone who wants a better understanding of how television series are made” (Booklist, starred review).Comedians Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld never thought anyone […]

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing (3rd ed.)

Author Michael Harvey Description Updated for the needs of today’s students—and with handy citation style guides adapted from The Chicago Manual of Style, Seventeenth Edition, the MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition, and the Publication Manual of the APA, Seventh Edition—the third edition of The Nuts and Bolt of College Writing offers essential guidance for college writers […]

Introducing the Creative Industries | From Theory to Practice

Author Rosamund Davies Description “This text does a sterling job at identifying, outlining and defining the many elements that go to make up this booming sector of industry. What makes it particularly interesting is that it includes the view of the creative industries from the perspective of working in it, then the definitions of what […]

New Hart’s Rules (2nd ed.) | The Oxford Style Guide

Author Oxford University Press Description For over a hundred years, Hart’s Rules has been the authority on style, helping writers and editors prepare copy for publication. The latest edition of this guide has been updated for the twenty-first century using the resources of Oxford Languages and with the advice of publishing experts.Twenty-one chapters give information […]

How to Write a Phenomenological Dissertation | A Step-by-Step Guide

Author Katarzyna Peoples Description Conducting phenomenological research for dissertations can be an involved and challenging process, and writing it up is often the most challenging part. How to Write a Phenomenological Dissertation gives students practical, applied advice on how to structure and develop each chapter of the dissertation specifically for phenomenological research. Phenomenology is about personal experience and […]

Ongoing Crisis Communication (5th ed.) | Planning, Managing, and Responding

Author Timothy Coombs Description Ongoing Crisis Communication: Planning, Managing, and Responding provides an integrated approach to crisis communication that spans the entire crisis management process and crosses various disciplines. Drawing on firsthand experience in crisis management, author W. Timothy Coombs introduces a three-staged approach to crisis management—pre-crisis, crisis, and post-crisis. A truly integrative and comprehensive […]

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