The 44th Legacy

Author H. H. Charles Description “A leader more focused on his legacy than meeting the demands of his office will fail in both.” This review of Barack Obama’s legacy as the forty-fourth president of the United States is no hymn of praise. Those who support him and believe he has left an admirable legacy will […]

This Is My Story | A Story of Life, Faith, and Ministry

Author Paul Beasley-Murray Description This Is My Story is an unusually fascinating account of one man’s life. ·It is a story of the making of a man, initially written with grandchildren in mind–“Who was my grandfather? What kind of person was he?”·At another level it is a story of a growing faith, telling how amidst […]

Landscapes of the Heart | The Working World of a Sex and Relationship Therapist

Author Juliet Grayson Description In this book, teacher and psychotherapist Juliet Grayson gives us privileged access to her unique client sessions. Following several couples’ journeys through psychosexual therapy to more loving relationships, we witness her rich blend of life-changing approaches, including Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP), the potent new methodology she has helped to pioneer […]

Unhooked | The Rehab of a London Call Girl

Author Clare Gee Description Addicted to coke and booze and reliant on selling her body for cash, Katie, the heroine of Clare Gee’s bestselling Hooked, can no longer cope with the life she’s created for herself. She has messed up badly and thrown everything away.Mentally, she is an anxious wreck and physically she is in […]

Undressing Emmanuelle: A memoir

Author Sylvia Kristel Description The candid and heartbreakingly honest memoir of Sylvia Kristel, the cinema icon of the 1970s who played the lead role in the worldwide sensation erotic Emmanuelle films.1974: After a year of wrangling with the censors, the erotic film, Emmanuelle, is a blockbuster sensation on release in France and a box office […]

Unzipped: How To Have The Hottest Sex Of Your Life

Author Manon . Description Unleash the sexy, modern woman within yourself and discover a world of sensuality and sexual pleasure that will drive you and your partner wild.This little book of treasures unlocks your feminine sex appeal and introduces you to the fine art of seduction – for maximum effect. Pearls of wisdom to keep […]

Bonds of Love

Author Sarah K Description If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey¸ you’ll LUST after this true story of dominance, submission, lust and temptation.Sarah K is like any normal woman. She lives in a quiet suburban town. She has a couple of kids; a steady job as a writer. But behind the bedroom door she enters […]

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