Human Factors and Ergonomics Design Handbook Third Edition (3rd ed.)

Author Barry Tillman Description This fully updated handbook covers every aspect of ergonomics and human psychology for product designersWritten by experts in the field, this thoroughly revised guide offers complete coverage of the latest trends and advances in ergonomics and psychology and explains their practical applications in the design of today’s products. You will learn […]

Reeds Vol 7: Advanced Electrotechnology for Marine Engineers (3rd ed.)

Author Christopher Lavers Description This book is a companion to Reeds Vol. 6: Basic Electrotechnology for Marine Engineers and covers aspects of theory beyond the scope of Volume 6. The book will cover the more advanced topics in electrotechnology for professional trainees studying Merchant Navy Marine Engineering Certificates of Competency (CoC) as well as the […]

Troubleshooting and Repairing Major Appliances (3rd ed.)

Author Eric Kleinert Description Diagnose and repair home appliances and air conditioners using the latest techniques”The book has it all…written by a pro with 40 years of hands-on repair and teaching experience…this book is like brain candy”–GeekDad ( updated for current technologies and packed with hundreds of photos and diagrams, this do-it-yourself guide shows you […]

Measuring Computer Performance | A Practitioner’s Guide

Author David J. Lilja Description Measuring Computer Performance sets out the fundamental techniques used in analyzing and understanding the performance of computer systems. Throughout the book, the emphasis is on practical methods of measurement, simulation, and analytical modeling. The author discusses performance metrics and provides detailed coverage of the strategies used in benchmark programmes. He […]

Quantitative Biomedical Optics | Theory, Methods, and Applications

Author Irving J. Bigio Description This is the textbook and reference resource that instructors, students, and researchers in biomedical optics have been waiting for. Comprehensive and up to date, it covers a broad range of areas in biomedical optics, from light interactions at the single-photon and single-biomolecule levels, to the diffusion regime of light propagation […]

Water Resources and Hydraulics

Author Xixi Wang Description This exciting new textbook introduces the concepts and tools essential for upper-level undergraduate study in water resources and hydraulics. Tailored specifically to fit the length of a typical one-semester course, it will prove a valuable resource to students in civil engineering, water resources engineering, and environmental engineering. It will also serve […]

Convex Optimization of Power Systems

Author Joshua Adam Taylor Description Optimization is ubiquitous in power system engineering. Drawing on powerful, modern tools from convex optimization, this rigorous exposition introduces essential techniques for formulating linear, second-order cone, and semidefinite programming approximations to the canonical optimal power flow problem, which lies at the heart of many different power system optimizations. Convex models […]

A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering (2nd ed.)

Author Marcel Escudier Description This new edition of A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering provides clear and concise definitions and explanations for over 8,000 mechanical-engineering terms in the core areas of design, stress analysis, dynamics, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics, together with newly extended coverage of materials engineering.More than 550 new entries have been incorporated into the […]

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