Cinema for Spanish Conversation (5th ed.)


Mary McVey Gill


Cinema for Spanish Conversation, Fifth Edition, draws on sixteen high-interest films (and related readings) to introduce students to the authentic language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Each chapter offers a wide variety of activities designed to improve students’ conversational skills as well as opportunities for reading and writing practice. For a guide to accessing the films—and for supplementary instructor materials—visit to the Fifth Edition:Three new critically acclaimed films, including Yuli (set in Cuba), El último verano de la Boyita (Argentina), and Oscar-award-winning film Roma (Mexico), along with readings and activities related to each.A section, added to each chapter, offering new and expanded activities related to the films.Updated information on each film, and its actors and directors.A revised and updated appendix, organized by chapter, offering a list of recent films that can be compared or contrasted to the films in the book.The Films:La misma lunaMaría llena eres de graciaFlores de otro mundo Roma (?NEW!)También la lluviaTodo sobre mi madreComo agua para chocolateDiarios de motocicletaMar adentroPresunto culpableEl último verano de la Boyita ?(NEW!)VolverEl norte NoYuli (NEW!)El viaje de Carol

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