El cine documental | Spanish Language and Culture through Documentary Film


Tammy Jandrey Hertel


El cine documental is an innovative intermediate/advanced textbook that provides students with the tools needed to communicate accurately and appropriately in Spanish. Learning is centered on cultural themes related to thought-provoking documentaries from around the Spanish-speaking world. Through the culturally rich and linguistically authentic medium of documentary film, El cine documental provides the experience of listening to many varieties of authentic speech in context, and stimulates conversation and critical thinking by immersing students in the target cultures. Organized to provide scaffolding for students as they develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, each chapter includes five sections: Ver, Leer, Escuchar, Escribir, and Expandir.Features:Authentic, engaging, culturally rich materials that develop students’ translingual and transcultural competence and prepare them for participation in a global society. Authentic input related to each chapter theme is provided in the form of:a documentary film depicting contemporary and historical topics from a variety of Spanish-speaking countries. Themes include the environment; sports; globalization; poverty, hopes, and dreams; immigration; human rights; war and peace; and feminism.a reading from a variety of genres: blog posts, newspaper articles, poetry, and short stories.video interviews that students conduct with native Spanish speakers from the local community and a contemporary song related to the chapter theme.Pre-, during, and post-viewing/reading/listening activities that guide and scaffold students’ interaction with multimedia input (films, readings, and songs) and develop their language skills. All activities are contextualized, meaningful, and directly related to the chapter themes.End-of-chapter, learner-driven activities that require students to demonstrate their ability to integrate and put into practice their linguistic skills and cultural knowledge and understanding via oral presentations, debates, and a process-oriented writing assignment with a real-world purpose and audience.An electronic workbook with detailed grammatical explanations for each grammar topic (four per chapter) and auto-correcting practice activities that provide additional vocabulary exposure. The Documentary Films:América Latina y el Caribe: Riqueza vivaRumbo a las grandes ligas / Road to the Big Leagues¿Por qué quebró McDonald’s en Bolivia? / Fast Food off the ShelfLa mina del diablo / The Devil’s Miner¿Cuál es el camino a casa? / Which Way Home?Nuestros desaparecidos / Our DisappearedLa SierraNosotras, centroamericanasFilms not included. To see list of sources for purchase, rental or other means of accessing the films please visit www.hackettpublishing.com.

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