Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (2nd ed.) | A Guide for Students


Marcy Levy Shankman


The only book for students which explores the connection between emotional intelligence and effective leadershipEmotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students is based on a conceptual model that helps students to become emotionally intelligent leaders. Research from around the world has demonstrated that there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and leadership. For the second edition of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, the authors have incorporated their revised, data-based emotionally intelligent leadership (EIL) model into an engaging text for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students.The book can be used in conjunction with the Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Students Inventory and Student Workbook for an immersive and transformative educational experience. Students will appreciate the opportunity to learn more about themselves as they reflect on their experiences as learners and their own leadership journeys.The new edition is substantially rewritten based new research on the EIL modelIts clear structure is organized around the three facets of emotionally intelligent leadership and 19 leadership capacitiesQuestions at the end of each chapter encourage purposeful reflection and leadership growthEmotionally Intelligent Leadership is one of a kind, fostering growth and promoting intense self-reflection. Students are empowered to enhance the campus experience and develop into effective leaders of the future. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is the perfect introduction to leading with emotional intelligence.

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