Encyclopaedic Historiography of the Muslim World, 3 Vols.


Singh, N.K. & Samiuddin, A. (eds.)


Encyclopaedic Historiography of the Muslim World, published in three volumes for the first time and written by a highly regarded academic historian, has become a classic study on 359 Muslim Historians and more than 100 Historical Works from early Islamic history to contemporary Muslim World.

The Encyclopaedia of Muslim Historians and their magnificent works on magnificent Muslim eras throughout the world is an essential resource for scholars as well as general readers. Muslim historians wrote more historical texts than were compiled by any other language at that period.

Wiistenfeld conducted a study of historical writings throughout the first millennium, which revealed that there were 590 books written during that period. These works cover the history of a province, city, certain tribe or sect, or single events such as ‘Siffin’ and ‘the Camel,’ among other topics. From their start, they recorded historical anecdotes

The first works of these writers gave quite a lot of attention to the arrangement of historical facts. There can be no doubt that a comprehensive study of the Muslim historiographers and their work is a vital scientific want felt by all those studying this area.

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