Financial Reforms in India


Ansari, Saghir Ahmad


The financial system, which includes markets, intermediaries, and other institutions that help people, business firms, and governments to make financial decisions. It has been shown empirically that a well-developed financial system is sine qua non for achieving healthy and sustainable economic development.

The book analyzes the Indian financial system in detail, covering its components. The Indian financial system’s strengths and flaws are highlighted before 1991, making a strong case for deep banking sector changes in India in order to attain high and sustainable economic development.

The book, which was published in 2001, examines various aspects of financial sector reform after 1991. The book also assesses the influence of financial sector changes on commercial banks, cooperative banks, DFIs and NBFCs.

Contents : Preface / List of Tables / Abbreviations / Structure of Financial System / Rationale of Financial Sector Reforms / Indian Financial System-Overview / Financial Sector Reforms in India / Impact of Financial Sector Reforms in India / Conclusion / Annexture / Bibliography / Index.

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