Go Wider with Panoramic Photography


Scott Wyden Kivowitz


In Go Wider with Panoramic Photography, author and photographer Scott Wyden Kivowitz shares his insights and offers techniques for creating segmented panoramic photography, which involves manually capturing a single row of photographs and combining them into a panorama. You’ll develop the skills that go into making panoramic photographs, from setup to capture and postprocessing. Along the way, you’ll pick up important tips on stitching and editing that will help you make great panoramic photographs–and have fun, too! Follow along with Scott and you will:Learn everything you need to get started creating great panoramic shots–from essential equipment like tripods and filters to the right exposure settings to capture the scene.Explore techniques for making the frames for your shots, including setting up your tripod, leveling the camera, adjusting space between frames, and composing your images.Walk through the process of editing a panoramic shot, learning how to stitch your images together, make image adjustments, and more.

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