Greeniology 2020 | Greener Living Today, And In The Future


Tanya Ha


Do you want to live well, be green and make a difference? There’s never been a better time to reduce your personal impact on the environment and prepare for change as our society moves towards sustainability. With topics covering everything from green cleaning and eco-fashion to growing food and saving energy and water, Greeniology 2020 is a practical, fun guide to changing your lifestyle for a healthier home and healthier planet. Award-winning environmentalist and television presenter Tanya Ha provides green living advice, tips and ideas for the beginner and committed tree-hugger alike. They will compel you to change your life, and to be part of the solution to our planet’s problems.Find out how to:- Reduce the impact of your lifestyle and help the planet flourish- Make your home more comfortable all year round- Save money on energy and water bills – Go green at work, and – Make your home safer and healthier for your family

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