Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet | Inventive Ideas for Growing Food in a Small Space




DK brings you an all-encompassing horticultural handbook to fulfil your every leaf and legume in just 3 square feet!Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet is an inspiring and innovative guide to maximizing even the smallest of gardening space so you can grow delicious fruit and vegetables, in abundance, at home!This must-have manual showcases a multitude of plots and inspirational ideas to make the most of your small spaces. Grow everything from tomatoes on your window sill to wisteria up your wall, with Naomi Schillinger’s easy to follow instructions. With passion in every page, you can enjoy:-Step-by-step instructions within a detailed guide on smart gardening-Featuring full colour photographs on every page-Easy to read diagrams and charts to make sure you are getting the most out of your space and your plantsA recent study suggests 38% of British adults use their gardens to grow herbs and vegetables. But with the ever-growing pressure of balancing family life with a career, as well as the common myth that some gardens are simply not big enough to grow herbs and veg alike, a lot of today’s green-fingered gardeners simply shy away from vegetable growing. DK is on a mission to change that!It doesn’t matter how much space you have available, with key techniques such as sowing seeds, assessing soil and choosing the right plants for each environment – these top tips and tricks are all featured within this how-to-garden book. Whatever your horticultural hopes may be, Naomi Shillinger brings you a veg-growing guide that is sure to shape the next generation of green-fingered gardeners like never before, full of top tips on smart gardening, without compromising on time, space, effort or money. By applying a strategic approach to your veggie patch, from choosing the right compost to using the correct cultivation tools, Naomi assures that even the most hapless of gardeners can unearth the endless potential that all gardens possess, no matter the shape or size! Why not stand out from the crowd with this fully-illustrated veggie handbook, and start your intuitive gardening journey today to reap the benefits of a more bountiful harvest. An ideal gift for the green-fingered gardener or budding botanist in your life, Grow All You Can Eat in Three Square Feet shows that even those with the smallest space, can produce the most impressive crops.

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