Himalayan Natural Resources : Ecothreats and Restoration Study


Sharma, B.D. & Sharma, Tej Kumari


The Himalayan natural resources are of significant interest and concern to mountain environmentalists all around the world. This topic attracts readers from a wide range of disciplines, including ecologists, climatologists, mountain biologists, and environmental researchers. Various natural resources have been on the verge of extinction as a result of uncontrolled poaching and commercial exploitation without maintaining genetic variety.

This book is a timely representation of ecological threats and restoration studies linked to India’s natura resources in the Himalayas. Various authoritative papers by renowned specialists in their fields make up this publication.

The author has divided the subject into three parts. The first section, Natural Resources, Habitats, and Bio-Ecology, includes natural resources, habitats, and bio-ecology. The second part of the book covers some key aspects of Himalayan resource degradation and regeneration research. In the third section of the book are discussed several crucial issues relating to impact on nature reserves and management of Himalayan natural resources

The book includes a number of restoration and ecological security techniques for the mountain rich in species and variety.

The goal of the book is to provide a comprehensive overview of Himalayan natural resources in all their varieties. It would be quite beneficial to those interested in Himalayan natural resources.

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