Hobby Farming For Dummies


Theresa A. Husarik


Do you long for the country life??Get back to nature and feel your toes in the dirt with this friendly guide to a new farming lifestyle  Don’t know the first thing about how to handle the basics of small-scale farming, from growing healthy crops to raising livestock and managing your property? Hobby Farming For Dummies is the no-nonsense guide you need to decide what to farm, find the right piece of property, set up utilities, select plants and livestock, protect your investment, and so much more.   You’ll get a realistic look into what it really means to move from your current lifestyle to a life farming in the countryside, starting with figuring out if the farming lifestyle is right for you. From what you need to know about maintaining country property to how to access a power supply, you’ll get help with major decisions of hobby farming:   Whether you’re better off with subsistence farming or a more ambitious project  Which outbuildings you’ll need for shelter and storage  What tools are best for various types of farm labor  Which animals you want to raise and care for  Where to buy the land and how to acquire it     This comprehensive and user-friendly guide also shows you how to:  Avoid common farming pitfalls  Choose plans for your farm  Get along with your neighbors  Maintain your equipment and machinery  Raise and care for animals, including caring for sick or injured animals  Get creative by turning fiber into scarves and making cheese or yogurt   Enrich your soil with manure and compost   Reap the benefits of preserving fruits and vegetables 







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