Hodder Cambridge Primary Maths Learner’s Book 4


Josh Lury


Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full curriculum framework from 2011.Develop learners’ mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills using the mastery approach, with this series of Learner’s Books.- Introduce topics through engaging starter activities- Develop mathematical language with New Words and worked examples- Illustrate topics clearly and vividly with imaginative design and relatable characters- Build fluency and mathematical reasoning skills by exploring,clarifying, practising and then extending concepts to ensure learners master mathematical ideas- Enhance learners’ ability to apply their skills and solve non-routine mathematical problems, by ensuring they secure a deep conceptual understanding of the subject- Support learners of all abilities with Hints and Try this extension challenges- Secure knowledge with problem solving integrated throughout- Incorporates assessment for learning through self-check activities at the end of each unit

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