Holistic Game Development with Unity 3e (3rd ed.) | An All-in-One Guide to Implementing Game Mechanics, Art, Design and Programming


Penny de Byl


Master game design and digital art principles simultaneously with this all-in-one guide to creating games in the cutting-edge game engine Unity. Reworked for C# and Unity 2018 & 2019, and bursting with images and tutorials, Penny de Byl’s Holistic Game Development with Unity will help the reader gain the multidisciplinary skills needed to succeed in the independent game industry. Holistic Game Development with Unity includes new coverage on Augmented Reality, Networking, and Virtual Reality such as the Oculus Rift. Supplementary material, including instructional videos, discussion forums and art assets are provided in the companion website located at www.holistic3d.com. Learn to combine the beauty of art and the functionality of programming in de Byl’s third edition for Unity game development.Key features:Art and programming in Unity, the only one-stop shop for individual developers and small teams looking to tackle both tasks.Proven step-by-step tutorials show you how to design and structure an entire game in Unity with art assets.Revised to cover the Unity game engine versions 2018 and 2019.New coverage of Nav Meshes, Augmented Reality, Mobile Builds and Mecanim.An introduction to essential two- and three-dimensional mathematical and physics concepts.A portfolio of royalty free reusable game mechanics.Revamped and expanded accompanying website, www.holistic3d.com, features project source code, instructional videos, art assets, author blog, and discussion forums. Additional challenge questions and lesson plans are available online for an enhanced learning experience.

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