Human Factors and Ergonomics Design Handbook Third Edition (3rd ed.)


Barry Tillman


This fully updated handbook covers every aspect of ergonomics and human psychology for product designersWritten by experts in the field, this thoroughly revised guide offers complete coverage of the latest trends and advances in ergonomics and psychology and explains their practical applications in the design of today’s products. You will learn to maximize device functionality while minimizing human errors and injuries.Human Factors and Ergonomic Design Handbook, Third Edition, addresses the impact of current technologies on our daily lives and physical and psychological health. The ubiquitous use of handheld devices and high-tech equipment is covered in full detail. A wide range of human-friendly design methods are discussed, focusing on products in the personal computing, mobile communications, robotics, healthcare, military, and aerospace industries.•Provides real-world, hands-on applications across all industries•Features over 1000 high-quality illustrations•New chapters cover robotics, handheld electronic devices, medical systems, and cognitive workload

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