Keep Her Silent | A totally gripping thriller with a twist you won’t see coming


Theresa Talbot


Oonagh O’Neil is back with another dark and chilling investigation. ‘Do that which is good and no evil shall touch you.’This is the message the so-called Raphael killer leaves on each of his victims. A clue – and a reminder – that three decades later they’re still at large. When investigative journalist Oonagh O’Neil is given a tip off about one of the biggest tragedies to hit the NHS, the tainted blood scandal, she can’t help but spot that the two seemingly different events could be linked. People were dying at the hands of those who were meant to save them and with a scandal this huge, those responsible will stop at nothing to keep it quiet… Could Oonagh be the key to piecing together the web of lies in order to catch the killer? Authentic and gritty, Keep Her Silent is a gripping and page-turning thriller that will leave you breathless. Perfect for fans of Susie Steiner, and Karin Slaughter, Patricia Gibney. What people are saying about Theresa Talbot: ‘I could hardly read fast enough!’ ‘In Oonagh O’Neil, the author has created a fascinating, flesh and blood character. Someone who pops from the page and someone, dare I say it, who would be great fun to go for a drink with’ ‘Theresa Talbot does not shirk away from confronting the unsettling subject matter and [this] is a compelling story as a result’ ‘A good mystery with many unexpected twists… It keeps you turning pages the whole time’ Cynthia Moskal, NetGalley. ‘Too often I’ve read “thrillers” that didn’t really thrill. This book has it all, plenty of story line and plenty of detail’ Margaret Leonard, NetGalley. ‘A must-read for anyone who loves detective crime thrillers based loosely on true events’ Linda Tilling, NetGalley. ‘I really loved this book! Excellent story with brilliant main characters’ Stephanie Collins, NetGalley. ‘A clever and well-written novel based on harrowing true experiences’ Donna Bradley, NetGalley. ‘A very good read and I would certainly recommend it’ Mary Picken, NetGalley. ‘The premise is truly horrific […] but the plot is sensitively handled and hopeful. I will read more by this author’ Emma Ounsworth, NetGalley.

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