Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy | 20 Braided Jewelry Designs Step-by-Step


Christina Larsen


Discover the gorgeous jewelry that can only be created with kumihimo wirework! Whether new to kumihimo or looking to take your skill to the next level, Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy is the companion you need. Author Christina Larsen will show you how easy it can be to transition from traditional kumihimo materials to wirework with her expert guidance, comprehensive instruction, and inspiring designs. In this must-have resource, you’ll find:   • A complete guide to understanding wireworking tools and materials specific to kumihimo wirework.   • Full step-by-step tutorials for 3 basic kumihimo braid structures perfect for wirework jewelry designs.   • Project instructions for 20 inspiring kumihimo wirework designs including earrings, bracelets, and pendants.Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy has everything you need to bring the ancient art of traditional Japanese braiding to your modern jewelry designs.

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