LSAT For Dummies (3rd ed.) | Book + 5 Practice Tests Online


Scott A. Hatch


Get on the right side of your Law School Admission TestIt’s an unbreakable rule that to get into the majority of law schools or practice state law anywhere in the U.S., you must pass the dreaded LSAT. Designed to be the most objective measure of student ability available—unlike a much more subjective GPA—it’s the ultimate standardized test. This makes it relatively straightforward to prep for, and prep you must! This revised and totally updated new edition of LSAT For Dummies has everything you need to get ready to take – and take down – the LSAT.  With it, you’ll make an irrefutable case why you should be admitted to the school of your dreams.In a friendly, logical style, expert authors Scott and Lisa Hatch —who have coached thousands of students for LSAT success—cover the core concepts, smart strategies, and mental approaches you need to succeed. You’ll also find plenty of opportunities to apply your enhanced argumentative muscle, analytical reasoning, and essay-writing and reading comprehension skills in full-length practice tests—all recalibrated in this new edition to account for the new computer-based exam format.Take 3 full-length practice tests (one online) plus additional practice questionsConsolidate your knowledge in content review sectionsCompare your answers to sample answers and explanationsGet 1-year access to an online test-bank for further practiceWith up to forty percent of students failing the LSAT each year, you need a solid study plan to conquer it. This book – with companion practice tests online – has you covered.

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