McGraw-Hill Education Algebra II High School Review and Workbook


Christopher Monahan


All the Math You Needs to Succeed in Algebra IIThis book will help you develop the math skills needed to succeed in the classroom and on standardized tests. The user-friendly pages are filled with easy-to-follow explanations of key algebra II concepts, followed by detailed examples that clearly demonstrate how to solve common problems. Hundreds of practice questions will help you master each concept, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and build confidence.Features include:•Topics aligned with national and state standards for algebra II courses•Content focused on helping you excel in the classroom and on standardized tests•Concise, clear explanations to easily grasp key concepts•Thorough examples that illustrate how to solve typical algebra II questions•More than 500 math problems that provide extensive opportunities to practice your new skills •Helpful appendixes covering matrices and probabilitiesTopics covered:•Linear Equations and Inequalities•Functions•Quadratic Relationships•Complex Numbers•Polynomial Functions•Rational and Irrational Functions•Exponential and Logarithmic Functions•Sequences and Series•Trigonometry •Descriptive Statistics•Inferential Statistics

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