MongoDB: The Definitive Guide (3rd ed.) | Powerful and Scalable Data Storage


Shannon Bradshaw


Manage your data with a system designed to support modern application development. Updated for MongoDB 4.2, the third edition of this authoritative and accessible guide shows you the advantages of using document-oriented databases. You’ll learn how this secure, high-performance system enables flexible data models, high availability, and horizontal scalability.Authors Shannon Bradshaw, Eoin Brazil, and Kristina Chodorow provide guidance for database developers, advanced configuration for system administrators, and use cases for a variety of projects. NoSQL newcomers and experienced MongoDB users will find updates on querying, indexing, aggregation, transactions, replica sets, ops management, sharding and data administration, durability, monitoring, and security.In six parts, this book shows you how to:Work with MongoDB, perform write operations, find documents, and create complex queriesIndex collections, aggregate data, and use transactions for your applicationConfigure a local replica set and learn how replication interacts with your applicationSet up cluster components and choose a shard key for a variety of applicationsExplore aspects of application administration and configure authentication and authorizationUse stats when monitoring, back up and restore deployments, and use system settings when deploying MongoDB

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