Munda-Magyar-Maori An Indian Link Between the Antipodes : New Tracks of Hungarian Origins


Uxbond, F.A.


A must-read for serious players. This book is a stunning genuine anthropological research of the Maori people of New Zealand and Magyar Hungarians. The study attempts to determine their connection with the Mundas in India. Detailed study has been done on the relationship between maori and Magyar, focusing on two areas: Part I of the book covers various themes, including celestial bodies, r3eligion and religious personalities, cult of ancestors, poetry, fatherland love, some customs and routines

The Munda language is spoken by the Munda people in India. It contains information on their culture, languages, physical features of water and fishing, etc. The connection between Magyar and Maori is discussed in Part II of this book. Pre-Aryan India, some Indian Tribes are discussed further in the book.

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