Perfect Phrases for ESL: Conversation Skills, Second Edition (2nd ed.)


Diane Engelhardt


Have the confidence to converse like a native English speaker with just the right phrasesHow do you start a conversation? What should you say to express disagreement? How do you offer someone your advice? This handy reference will help you navigate social and business situations, with hundreds of ready-to-use English phrases and example dialogues that will help you converse with friends, collaborate with co-workers, and engage those around you.Perfect Phrases for ESL: Conversation Skills is filled with hundreds of ready-to-use English phrases to help you navigate your way through social and business situations. There are phrases for talking with friends, offering opinions, collaborating with co-workers, addressing misunderstandings, and more. The book also includes common slang expressions you can use to sound more like a native speaker. And the new edition of this bestselling guide includes phrases for making contact, setting appointments, and leaving messages by phone.Inside find examples of Perfect Phrases for . . . Introductions: May I introduce myself?Invitations: Would you care to join us for a drink?Decisions: What are our options?Determination: I’m not budging an inch on this.Complaining: I have a lot on my plate right now.Interrupting: Sorry, I didn’t catch that.Making contact: I just wanted to touch base.

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