Please Stay | How Women in Tech Survive and Thrive


Kelley Irwin


Women in technology are primed to claim their well-earned seat at the table.We have heard about the glass ceiling and the broken rung. We are prepared to take action and achieve high velocity progress. Join us as we take a step forward to change the trajectory of professional careers for women in tech.Debra and Kelley, two technology executives, navigated this profession knocking down barriers and building strong networks. Women are often inspired, but inspiration is not enough as they are asking for workable strategies and techniques they can put in place. Our mission is to provide advice, and just as importantly, to strengthen this community of like-minded professionals to survive and thrive.Technology is changing civilization at an unprecedented pace, and there is no end in sight. Women make up half of the population, and our voices and talents are integral to the success of our businesses and our communities.Join this tribe of women in technology as we create a movement for women in tech to excel, enjoy, and STAY!

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