Power vs. Force | The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior


David R. Hawkins


“Imagine—what if you had access to a simple yes-or-no answer to any question you wished to ask? A demonstrably true answer. Any question . . . think about it.” — from the Foreword”Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces he can control, but in fact, he’s governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which he has no control.” — from the Introduction”… particularly timely… a significant contribution to understanding and dealing with the problems we face today.” — Lee Iacocca”I especially appreciate [the] research and presentation on the attractor patterns of business…” — Sam Walton”[A] beautiful gift of writing . . . [You] spread joy, love, and compassion through what you write. The fruit of these three is peace, as you know…” — Mother Teresa”Overwhelming! A masterpiece! A lifetime work!” — Sheldon Deal, president, International College of Applied KinesiologyBuilding on the accumulated wisdom of applied kinesiology (diagnostic muscle-testing to determine the causes of allergies and ailments) and behavioral kinesiology (muscle-testing to determine emotional responses to stimuli), David R. Hawkins MD, PhD has taken muscle-testing to the next level, in an effort to determine what makes people and systems strong, healthy, effective and spiritually sound.

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