Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese, Premium Second Edition (2nd ed.)


Sue Tyson-Ward


Master essentiallanguage skills to build your confidence in basic PortugueseWhether you are learningon your own with a textbook or taking a beginning class, Practice MakesPerfect: Basic Portuguese will support your study and build yourconfidence in your new language. Each bite-sized lesson of this proven guidefocuses on essential vocabulary and key grammar concepts, illustrated withclear examples. You will then learn to communicate in authentic Portuguese: howto meet new people,engage in small talk, express ideas, and more.More than 180entertaining exercises will help you practice your new skills. And this secondedition is also accompanied by flashcards and audio recordings, available viaapp, that will provide a new dimension and flexibility to your study.Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Portuguese will help youmaster:• High-frequency vocabulary• Ser vs. estar, saber vs. conhecer, ter andits uses• Sets of flashcards for all the vocabulary lists• Superlatives and comparisons: tão and tanto• Continental Portuguese and Brazilian variants• Verb tenses, sentence structure, and more

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