Reason in the Balance (2nd ed.) | An Inquiry Approach to Critical Thinking


Sharon Bailin


Unlike most texts in critical thinking, Reason in the Balance focuses broadly on the practice of critical inquiry, the process of carefully examining an issue in order to come to a reasoned judgment. Although analysis and critique of individual arguments have an important role to play, this text goes beyond that dimension to emphasize the various aspects that go into the practice of inquiry, including identifying issues and relevant contexts, understanding competing cases, and making a comparative judgment.Distinctive Features of the Text:Emphasis on applying critical thinking to complex issues with competing argumentsInclusion of chapters on inquiry in specific contextsAttention to the dialogical aspects of inquiry, including sample dialoguesEmphasis on the spirit of inquiryThe Second Edition Features:Updated examples and items of current interestNew dialogues on vaccination, prostitution, and climate changeNew material on biases in reasoning, including emotional, psychological, social, and cognitiveThe Reason in the Balance Website includes:An Appendix on LogicExercisesQuizzes

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