Roots of Insurgency in Northeast India


J.B. Bhattacharjee (Ed.)


The book discusses the challenges of insurgency in Northeast India and how it can benefit both those working on the peace process in the region and people who are attempting to create a better world.

The book emphasizes that there is nothing comparable to a north-eastern insurgency and that the region is home to numerous autonomous or independent insurgencies, militancies, and other movements in various areas and ethnic regions, all of which have exacerbated the region’s crisis or insurgent situation.

The source of the issue ranges from calls for greater state or sub-state autonomy within India, or for ethnic regions to have greater autonomy, to demands for protection of ethnic areas within the states, to pleas for cultural and linguistic rights. In nearly all situations, economic and infrastructural backwardness, unemployment, and a lack of possibilities were apparent causes.

The single most prevalent cause is the government’s nonchalant attitude, which allowed the dominant majority to threaten the cultural identity of ethnic and linguistic minorities and exacerbated economic and infrastructural backwardness throughout the region, unemployment and lack of opportunities, frustration and disappointment among youths, a sense of deprivation in the masses, ethnic discrimination, insecurity and threatened identity among minorities are all due to this.

The study suggests that each insurgency or political movement should be addressed on its own, with attention paid to the underlying causes in order to bring peace to the region.

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