Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies (3rd ed.)


Gregory Skomal


Dive into the wonderful world of saltwater fishSetting up and keeping a healthy, thriving saltwater aquarium—and the gorgeous creatures that live within it—takes a lot more know-how than you might realize. Fortunately, this friendly and informative guide is here to make having a slice of the salty life in your own home easier than ever! This fully updated edition of Saltwater Aquariums For Dummies explains in plain English how to care for a variety of marine fish and invertebrates, upkeep a tank, feed your saltwater friends, and stay informed of the latest technology in luxury tanks!Understand aquarium set up best practicesMaintain a thriving aquatic environmentBuild the luxury saltwater tank of your dreamsBe inspired by a full-color insertWhether you’re looking for basic information on how to set-up, start, and maintain a saltwater aquarium or already own one and want to whet your appetite with the latest tips, tricks, and design ideas, this book covers the gamut!

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