Sammelsurium | A Reader and Workbook for Intermediate German


Franz-Joseph Wehage


A combined reader/workbook for second-year German, Sammelsurium focuses on cultural awareness while building competence in reading, writing, and speaking, and can be used with equal effectiveness as either a supplementary text or as the main reader in a course. Included are thirty-eight brief yet stimulating readings on a wide range of topics of special significance to German culture, each of which offers intermediate-level grammatical constructions and vocabulary. Many readings incorporate a verb-tense exercise, and each reading is accompanied by a separate set of vocabulary as well as an array of comprehension questions and communicative exercises. From the Brothers Grimm to German film—and from fashion to the nightlife of Berlin—Sammelsurium offers something for every taste, while strengthening skills needed by every student of German.Features:Literary texts spanning 400 years, profiles of iconic historical figures, and fascinating articles on contemporary German culture.In-depth coverage of Berlin as the capital and leading cultural center of Germany.Articles on the German passion for soccer and golf.Focus on major historical figures in the sciences (e.g., Röntgen, Koch, and Copernicus) as well as music (Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).Innovative emphasis on the narrative past, aimed at both acquiring new verbs and using them in composition.Readings that challenge common cultural preconceptions, as well as offer unexpected insights into similarities and differences between German and American culture.

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