Sangama : A Confluence of Art and Culture During the Vijayanagar Period


Rao, Nailini (Ed.)


The study of Vijayanagara in the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, as seen through Sanskrit literature, provides an interesting perspective on social and cultural forces interacting during that period. Studies that are focused on Vijayanagara and use archaeological, architectural, inscriptional, and textural evidence are included.

This book has been produced in conjunction with the conference Sangama: A Confluence of Art and Culture During the Vijayanagar Period, which will be held in Houston and Los Angeles in November 2005.

Bob Brown, Gerard Foekema, Subhash Kak, Choodamani Nandagopal, Indu Parthasarathy, M.S. Nagaraja Rao, Nalini Rao, S.R. Rao, Aparna Raghunathan, Deepak Shimkhada

Contents : 1. Vijayanagara : The End or the Beginning / 2. Recent Excavations in Vijayanagara : A World Heritage Site / 3. Transformations in Religion and Art During the Vijayanagara Period / 4. Temple Pillars : Their Evolution and Style under the Vijayanagara and its Successors / 5. Temple Tourism in Karnataka : Some Late Chalukyan Temples / 6. The Politics of Royal Gifting at Vijayanagara / 7. Being in Love with God is not Enough : Social Reform by Basavanna through Bhakti / 8. Contribution of the Vijayanagara Kings to the Study of the Vedas / 9. Cosmology and Sacred Architecture in India / 10. Cultural Heritage Planning of the Sacred Sites : A Case study of Rockfort temple at Tiruchirapalli, India / 11. A Sangama of Architecture Styles : The Vidyashankara Temple / Select Bibliography

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