Summer Wildflowers of the Northeast | A Natural History


Carol Gracie


From the acclaimed author of Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast, a beautifully illustrated follow-up introduction to the summer-blooming wildflowers of the northeastern United States and CanadaThis exquisitely illustrated volume provides an accessible, in-depth introduction to summer-blooming wildflowers of the northeastern United States and Canada. Featuring more than 700 detailed color photos and a large, beautifully designed format, the book delves into the life histories of more than thirty-five wildflowers and their relatives, from common roadside favorites, such as asters and milkweeds, to interesting, lesser-known species, including Indian pipe and ginseng. Drawing on a wealth of personal experience and the latest scientific research, and presenting it all in terms anyone can understand, acclaimed naturalist and photographer Carol Gracie invites readers to enhance their appreciation of the beauty of these wildflowers by learning not just their names or how many petals they have, but what pollinates them, how their seeds are dispersed, how they interact with other plants and animals, how Native Americans and other people have used them, and other interesting facts.Each species is illustrated with a range of detailed color photos that not only capture its beauty but illustrate the features discussed in the text and show the plant in its environment alongside the pollinators, herbivores, or seed dispersers with which, in many cases, the wildflower has evolved. Other topics covered include the naming of wildflowers; pathogens and pests; related species in other parts of the world; and wildflowers in history, literature, and art.Presenting authoritative information in an inviting style, Summer Wildflowers of the Northeast is an ideal volume for wildflower lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, naturalists, students, and more.Showcases the most spectacular summer-blooming wildflowers of the northeastern United States and CanadaFeatures more than 700 stunning full-color photosCovers the life histories, lore, and uses of more than 35 species and their relativesCombines the latest scientific research with an easy-to-read styleFeatures species accounts for these wildflowers:Alpine Wildflowers ? American Cranberry ? American Ginseng ? American Lotus ? Asters ? Beechdrops ? Blackberry-lily ? Bog Orchids ? Broad-leaved Helleborine ? Buckbean ? Bunchberry ? Cardinal Flower ? Chicory ? Common Milkweed ? Common Mullein ? Evening-Primrose ? Fringed Gentian ? Fringed Orchids ? Goldenrods ? Grass-of-Parnassus ? Indian Pipe ? Jewelweed ? Jimsonweed ? Lilies ? Patridge-berry ? Passion-flowers ? Pipsissewa ? Prickly Pear ? Purple Pitcher Plant ? Queen Anne’s Lace ? Showy Lady-slipper ? Swamp Rose-mallow ? Wild Leek ? Wild Lupine ? Yellow Pond-lily

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