The 44th Legacy


H. H. Charles


“A leader more focused on his legacy than meeting the demands of his office will fail in both.” This review of Barack Obama’s legacy as the forty-fourth president of the United States is no hymn of praise. Those who support him and believe he has left an admirable legacy will sharply disagree, and may even say it’s motivated by prejudice and overly critical. They are, of course, entitled to their opinions. But, having voted twice for his presidency in 2008 and 2012, that is not an assessment with which H. H. Charles can agree.The impetus for undertaking this “chronicle” of Obama’s “legacy” starts with the presidency of George W. Bush, the president who is first and foremost responsible for all the bloodshed, genocide, and crimes against humanity that plagues the Middle East to this day, and which continues unabated into the indefinite future.

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