The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology (3rd ed.)


Timothy Darvill


This expansive dictionary contains over 4,500 entries covering the essential vocabulary for everyday archaeological work in the English language, from about 3 million years ago down to about AD 1700. There is coverage of principles, theories, techniques, artefacts, materials, people, places, monuments, equipment, and descriptive terms – from amphora to ziggurat, and Beaker Culture to molluscan analysis. Now in its third edition, this in-depth A-Z has been updatedwith over 100 new entries, including actor-network theory, Alfred Marshall Cubbon, Dadiwan Culture, Amelia Edwards, Shangshan Culture, and Thera Eruption.This dictionary covers key archaeological sites around the world, with special focus placed on Europe, the Old World, and the Americas. In addition, the coverage of Near East and Asia has been expanded for this edition. Most entries are fully cross-referenced and it also includes a selection of eleven useful appendices. Written by a leading authority, the dictionary’s detailed but clear entries provide an essential reference source for students, teachers, professionals, and enthusiastsalike.

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