The Copyeditor’s Workbook | Exercises and Tips for Honing Your Editorial Judgment


Erika Buky


Put your editing skills into practice with this new companion to the handbook on every copyeditor’s desk.The Copyeditor’s Workbook—a companion to the indispensable Copyeditor’s Handbook, now in its fourth edition—offers comprehensive and practical training for both aspiring and experienced copyeditors. Exercises of increasing difficulty and length, covering a range of subjects, enable you to advance in skill and confidence. Detailed answer keys offer a grounding in editorial basics, appropriate usage choices for different contexts and audiences, and advice on communicating effectively with authors and clients. The exercises provide an extensive workout in the knowledge and skills required of contemporary editors.Features and BenefitsWorkbook challenges editors to build their skills and to use new tools.Exercises vary and increase in difficulty and length, allowing users to advance along the way.Answer keys illustrate several techniques for marking copy, including marking PDFs and hand marking hard copy.Book includes access to online exercises available for download.

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