The Mamma Mia! Diet | The Secret Italian Way to Good Health – Eat Pasta, Enjoy Wine, & Lose Weight


Paola Lovisetti Scamihorn


Eat pasta, enjoy wine, and lose weight—this unique diet plan unites the health benefits of a Mediterranean-style program with Italian flair and flavorThe Mamma Mia! Diet is more than just a meal plan—it’s a complete lifestyle guide. Based on an improved version of the classic Mediterranean diet, it provides you with modernized versions of healthy Italian dishes to help you lose weight while still feeling full and satisfied.Research continues to show that eating Mediterranean is an effective way to lose weight, manage diabetes and cardiovascular health, and increase longevity. Based on the cooking and eating style of Italy, the Mamma Mia! plan features olive oil, fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, fish and poultry, whole grains and, yes—wine! • Doctor Recommended: Based on the time-tested Mediterranean diet, combined with a modern twist, The Mamma Mia! Diet is grounded in traditional and science. It gives you everything you need to make lasting lifestyle choices leading to better health, higher energy levels, and increased longevity.• Enjoy What You Eat: Each meal is specifically crafted with three guiding principles in mind: achieving maximum nutritious value, maintaining the authentic taste of real Italian cuisine, and providing satisfying, filling portions that will leave you feeling energized all day long.• Easy to Follow: Every meal featured in The Mamma Mia! Diet can be made quickly and easily using commonly found foods—requiring no special skills. Packed with nutritious, flavorful Italian recipes and expert advice, The Mamma Mia! Diet is a healthy weight loss diet everyone can enjoy!

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