The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing (3rd ed.)


Michael Harvey


Updated for the needs of today’s students—and with handy citation style guides adapted from The Chicago Manual of Style, Seventeenth Edition, the MLA Handbook, Eighth Edition, and the Publication Manual of the APA, Seventh Edition—the third edition of The Nuts and Bolt of College Writing offers essential guidance for college writers at all levels.Praise for previous editions: “This wonderful little book has helped improve the level of writing in all the courses I teach. No one should graduate from college without having used it.” —Gonzalo Munevar, Lawrence Technological University   “With concision and wit, Harvey shows college students how to write papers that are clear, cogent, and also stylish.” —James Miller, editor, Dædalus “Simply the best guide to clear and effective writing since Strunk and White. Indispensable for students—and for their teachers.” —Terry Nardin, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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