The Other Side of Belief : Interpreting U.G. Krishnamurti


Rao, Mukunda


In an unconscious state, the human animal has asked these two questions since the dawn of time: ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ These are the queries that drove me to U.G. Krishnamurti’s doorstep, where I had a unique opportunity to meet him. And as a result of that encounter.

U.G.’s life and the evolution of his radical ideas are documented in this book, which is dubbed the thinker who shuns thinking. U.G.’s adamant negation of anything that can be expressed did not originate from a search for some “comfortable dialectical thesis.”

Mukunda Rao’s novel is a complex portrait of a man who does not hesitate to challenge and demolish society’s most cherished and comforting attitudes and beliefs, yet who commands the heartfelt respect and veneration of millions of fans. UG has always been adamant that life must be described in pure and basic physical and physiological terms.

In his own words, he underwent a ‘calamity’”: a succession of bodily changes that sent him tumbling into the unrivaled condition of the ‘declutched’ intellect. This book provides a vivid description of UG’s “cellular revolution” and an intimately personal look at UG’s unwavering.

The Other Side of Belief is a book by Mahesh Bhatt, film-maker and lifelong admirer of UG, that looks at the incredible charisma of a man who has had an impact on people all over the world.

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