The Photo Student Handbook | Essential Advice on Learning Photography and Launching Your Career Path


Garin Horner


The Photo Student Handbook is a collection of short, easy-to-read chapters filled with expert advice on enhancing image-making skills and launching a career as a professional photographer.Designed to help students grow beyond the technical aspects of photography, this book presents a variety of methods and strategies proven to strengthen visual awareness, engage creative thinking, and deepen the conceptual aspects of image-making. Topics include how to:- improve the ability to see actively- understand light as a main character- cultivate a creative mind- make a standout portfolio- unpack critical theory- find and develop a creative voice.Packed with valuable tips, insights, and advice from over a hundred instructors, professionals, senior students, and experts, this book is engineered to help instructors guide students step-by-step through the methods and strategies needed to achieve creative success both in the classroom and the real world.This book is ideal for intermediate- and advanced-level photography students and instructors alike. Visit the accompanying website for extra chapters, exercises, quizzes, and more.

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