The Queen of Hearts | The Life of Zelma Louise Roth Studebaker, Second Edition


Gary W. Studebaker


Zelma Studebaker was a writer, teacher and mother of eight children. She was a Christian woman who worked for peace and justice as a participant in humanitarian service projects. In August of 1963 she participated in our nation’s historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Her son, Ted Studebaker, was an agriculturalist with Vietnam Christian Service and is a celebrated, nonviolent peace martyr. After Zelma and Stanley raised their children on an Ohio farm, she then went on to earn her university degree at the age of 61. She taught elementary students in the public school system for 19 years. Shortly thereafter she and Stanley celebrated 65 years of marriage.Zelma Studebaker was a compassionate and driven woman who saw the power of written correspondence through letter writing, poems and short stories. She impacted numerous lives far and wide through her writing and simply being open and available for shared dialogue. Zelma’s life influenced and prompted her children to express thankfulness and support in letter writing as well as biographies and other projects that connect people and celebrate family life and humanity.

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