The Success Criteria Playbook | A Hands-On Guide to Making Learning Visible and Measurable


John T. Almarode


Provide students a clear view of what success looks like for any process, task, or product.What does success look like for your students? How will they know if they have learned? This essential component of teaching and learning can be difficult to articulate but is vital to achievement for both teachers and students. The Success Criteria Playbook catapults teachers beyond learning intentions to define clearly what success looks like for every student—whether face-to-face or in a remote learning environment. Designed to be used collaboratively in grade-level, subject area teams—or even on your own—the step-by-step playbook expands teacher understanding of how success criteria can be utilized to maximize student learning and better engage learners in monitoring and evaluating their own progress. Each module is designed to support the creation and immediate implementation of high-quality, high impact success criteria and includes:•Templates that allow for guided and independent study for teachers. •Extensive STEM-focused examples from across the K-12 STEM curriculum to guide teacher learning and practice. •Examples of success criteria applied across learning domains and grades, including high school content, skills, practices, dispositions, and understandings.Ensure equity of access to learning and opportunity for all students by designing and employing high-quality, high-impact success criteria that connect learners to a shared understanding of what success looks like for any given learning intention.

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